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What makes our designs different?

We build websites that perform!  It is not just a collection of pretty pictures.  Our websites are meant to deliver results for you.  An Athena-built website will get you better search results, more customer inquires and request for quotes.  It will deliver functionality that saves you money and makes you easier to do business with.  Our team has all the tools and creative talent to make your website not just a great representation of your company, but a measurable investment that has real ROI.

Our Website Designs Are...

Mobile Friendly

We have seen up to 75% of client traffic come from a mobile device. It is critical in todays business environment that your site works well on any mobile device.

Designed for Search Results

We design the site to perform on search engines. We track your SEO performance on a daily basis and strive to make sure you show up first in search results. All of our client see significant improvement in this area.

Expandable & Flexible

We ask lots of questions. Our designs are not just for your business today, we design our sites to be expandable and flexible to other potential applications and/or future uses.

Easy to Use for Customers

We will organize your data in digestible chunks, present it in an intuitive way that your customers will easily understand. We will of course track the data and course correct for you as needed.

Demonstrate Your Value

We are not just web experts, we are marketing experts. We will help you craft the message(s) that best demonstrates the value of your products/services to your customers.

Focus on the Entire Company

Our websites are not just build for sales and marketing. We help clients recruit and retain talent with our Careers module. We also help engineering and supply chain with technical document management and Repair Stations with repeatable process improvements.