Get Results from Social Media at Predictable & Reasonable Costs

Why consume valuable time and resources doing social media yourself?  We can do it for you at reasonable costs and you will get the full set of metrics that go with it.  We engage in social media with most clients and see tangible results in terms of followers, impressions, click throughs and customer engagement.  Contact Us to see for yourself.

LinkedIn Posting & Management

Just about every B2B customer is on LinkedIn. Its a great marketing channel that most B2B companies under utilize

Analytics & Continuous Improvement

We, of course, measure everything and report back your CPC, CPP, impressions, followers and other important metrics. All in the name to do better tomorrow than we did today.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

While LinkedIn is the dominant B2B social media platform other platforms yield opportunities in B2C products. We are active on all platforms

Attract Top Talent with LinkedIn Job Promotion

Rather than spend a small fortune with LinkedIn's recruiter platforms, let us save you money and handle it for you.

Cost Predictability and ROI

We do not charge you and arm and a leg for social media. Its a key part of the marketing mix, but it should not break the bank. We provide performance at reasonable costs.