We are Athena Advisors.


We Know Aerospace

We understand the aerospace business drivers, culture, and mindset. We share and apply best practices and shared learning from around the industry. We also anonymously benchmark your metrics performance against other aerospace companies to further client learning and continuous improvement.
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Senior Executive Experience

You will work with a seasoned senior executive as a thought partner. We have the diverse experience of many projects in many industries to bring performance and perspective to your projects. You will NOT work with junior people who do not have the required experience to understand and help you improve your business.
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Continuous Improvement

We work with you to further develop your marketing message and provide detailed quarterly analytics and recommendations to drive better financial performance. We understand that marketing is not just a collection of pretty pictures. It needs to deliver value and be a competitive tool for your company. We stay with you as a partner in your success.
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Founded in 2013


There is no substitute for experience

We have engaged in all manner of projects including website development, hosting and maintenance, social media, new product launches, RMA systems, technical document management, recruiting, strategy, literature, promotions, company branding, logos, advertising, public relations, photography, video, animation, presentations, customer communications and more. We are a firm that you can partner with in the long-term to continuously improve your new product development, sales efforts, marketing, customer communications and digital properties.


What You Can Expect From Us.

Flawless Project Execution on-time and on-budget.

We will bring to bear our diverse resources to make your project a success. This includes our cyber architects, designers, developers, graphic artists, videographers, animators, copyrighters, and project managers.

Safe Hosting and Timely Maintenance/Updates.

We use a US and EU Safe Harbor compliant hosting environment that includes best in class software and hardware-based security with a world-class firewall and anti-virus. We make most requested updates to the site within 2 hours as well as proactive incremental improvements to the site

We stay with you for Continuous Improvement.

We deploy a sophisticated metrics package with data from a number of sources to track your performance versus competition and the industry. Our proprietary metrics software methodology allows us to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and quickly get to actions that drive results.

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